Monday, May 12, 2008

I Have A PO Box!

Well, technically it’s a boite postal. But it’s a mailing address.

Yep. I know where I’m going to be living the next two years. And let me just say…its very different from anywhere I’ve ever been before. Not to give it away location-wise, but I’m in the south. Seriously south. There isn’t much in the way of vegetation, but I’m in the anti-atlas mountains surrounded by jagged brown peaks and sandstone cliffs. The sky is ridiculously blue. It’s crazy gorgeous. Its also crazy hot (I’m told up to 130 F in the summer...ha!).

I’m super excited about it, but I’ll admit I freaked out a little bit when I got there for my weeklong visit. It was the first time since we arrived in Morocco that I was without another English speaker more than a few hours, so the three solid days I spent with my new community were definitely a reality check that the summer camp that is PST is coming to a very quick end. Then we are on our own to make this work. Which is intimidating, but thrilling.

My town has a very active Argan co-op (goats in trees? We got ‘em!) and Neddi (women’s center), which is fabulous. I definitely hope to work with them in the future. Plus I’m close to a small tourist burg, so I have easy access to email and cheese, which pleases me greatly.

Would you like pictures? The answer is yes.

That final one is from the beach in Agadir, where I ate silly amounts of ice cream and cheese.

So yes. Site announcements were the major happening the past few weeks. Other than that we’ve been continuing with language and culture sessions, spending time with host families, and acquiring a taste for trashy novels (have you read Prep? Amazing.). I also got sick, which was not great, but that lead me to seeing a camel spider (long story), which was both horrifying and awesome. (Seriously – google it.)

In closing, I’ll leave you with a brief tashlHeet lesson, sure to come in handy on July 25:
Rirh ad amnrh – I want to believe.


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